MOUNT PISCO at 5,752 meters, (18,897 feet) is probably one of the best preparation climbing expeditions before attempting to climb higher mountains in the Cordillera Blanca or Cordillera Huayhuash. Be sure Mount Pisco, is a fairly straight forward climb, without exposing the climber to difficult and technical climbing, thus allowing beginners with the opportunity to be exposed to a great experience on a big beautiful mountain, it is ideal for acclimatization, With stunning view of several other taller & more technical peaks close it, Pisco is commonly used as a preparation and warming up to climb for higher nearby peaks.

Maximum Altitude 5752m (18,866) feet
Difficulty (PD)
Length 3- 4 days climb

Brief Itinerary climb program Huaraz – pisco – Huaraz

DAY 1: Huaraz - Cebollapampa - Pisco Base Camp (4650m)/15,252 ft.
DAY 2: Base Camp – attempt pisco summit at (5752m)/18,866ft - base camp
DAY 3: Base Camp – Cebollapampa - Huaraz

Note: climbing pisco is advisable for beginners, who wants to attempt having life time experience on mountain climbing, further its ideal summit for advanced level climbers, who are looking acclimatize for higher summits.

SUGGESTION: please understand before climbing pisco you should complete a good acclimatization process to avoid altitude sickness, let us know to give you a suitable advice or visit our web page acclimatization hikes or multi-day treks.

CLIMBING IN 4 DAYS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST we can include one extra day out of usual program for climbers who feel not in good shape and want to do more relax, we offer or recommend make in 4 days. The day 02 we move from base camp to moraine camp. (Optional)

Note: If you have more time you can extend this climb program by ascending more challenging summits such as:

• Climbing Pisco + climbing yanapaccha 5,435m
• Climbing Pisco + climbing vallunaraju 5,680m
• Climbing Pisco + climbing tocllaraju 6,030m
• Climbing Pisco + climbing chopicalqui 6,354m
• Climbing Pisco + climbing alpamayo 5,947m
• Climbing Pisco + climbing Huascaran 6,768m

Trip program Lima – Huaraz – mountains – Huaraz – Lima all included just available on request.



Included meals: B = Breakfast / snack = S / lunch = L / D = Dinner

DAY 1: Huaraz - Cebollapampa - Pisco Base Camp (4650m)/15,252 ft.
After your breakfast we will pick up you at your hotel to drive to the north of callejon de huaylas Valley until reach Yungay, from where the road winds up toward east, into narrow llanganuco valley, the road pass close two beautiful glacial lakes with turquoise waters until yurac coral at 3900m; from this place we will have support of donkeys and donkey drivers, who are going to load our climbing gear until base camp and while we will climb up on a good trail until reach the base camp at 4650m. Overnight at pisco base camp. Meal: S / L / D

DAY 2: attempt pisco summit at (5752m)/18,866ft - base camp
Summit day: We as usually leave very early from the base camp around 1:00 am, because we must climb upon the rocky section or moraine until reach the beginning of glacier as soon as we reach it we put on our climbing gear as crampons, harness & we rope up. Then we climb upon until reach the west ridge with not too steep route, there are occasionally some steep sections, as hard ice at the beginning. this route is not too difficult or technical, however can be challenge with the altitude, but the views from the summit is impressive and superb around it, where we will be able to shoot the most stunning and panoramic pictures, especially towards Chacraraju, where we will see a huge and sharp snow wall is fluting o the south face, where the enjoymet is unique for the climber. After spending few minutes on the summit, we will retrace on the same route until base Camp. Last night at base camp. Meal: B / S / L / D

DAY 3: Base Camp – Cebollapampa - Huaraz
On our last day after our breakfast we will walk down until Cebolla Pampa, where our private transportation is waiting us to bring Huaraz Finish Our Climb. Back to Huaraz for a nice shower in the hotel and some rest; enjoy a good dinner celebrating in y the town after climbing success. Overnight at hotel. Meal: B / S / L

we can include one extra day out of usual program for climbers who feel not in good shape and want to do more relaxing, we offer or recommend make in 4 days. The day 02 we move from base camp to moraine camp. (Optional)

Note: climbing pisco is advisable for beginners, who wants to attempt having life time experience on mountain climbing, further its ideal summit for advanced level climbers, who are looking acclimatize for higher summits.

Trip program Lima – Huaraz – mountains – Huaraz – Lima all included just available on request.


Climbing expeditions Rates for private groups 2024

Choose and book your adventure travel style & let us take you on it for a responsible & sustainable tourism:

begin of May

We organize this version of climbing expeditions to climbing pisco on private basis for groups of friends, families, adventure companies & tour leaders. With fully local guides assistance. Please feel completely free to get in touch with us to discuss the itinerary and your preferred dates to send you a quote, with no obligation.

Cost on base of:

  • 1 participants USD $ 1,270 per each one
  • 2 participants USD $ 730 per each one
  • 3 participants USD $ 585 per each one
  • 4 participants USD $ 545 per each one
  • 5 participants USD $ 515 per each one
  • 6 participants (+) USD $ 470 per each one
• Additional info or Full trip dossier information (PDF) available upon request & provided at the booking time.
• In the showed rate isn’t included the general Peruvian taxes (I.G.V)

Get Special discount for the groups more than 5 participants

Trip program Lima – Huaraz – mountains – Huaraz – Lima all included just available upon request.

We Are Ready To Make Your Dream a Reality


What’s included in the cost
  • Huaraz bus station (meeting service) and Transfer from bus station - ho(s) tel – bus station (arrival & departure day)
  • Private transportation for begin & return of climbing pisco
  • Certified & qualified mountain guide.
  • Assistant guide (aspirant) with more than 3 clients
  • Mountain cook
  • Assistant cook for large groups
  • healthy & fresh meals per day (hearty breakfast, snack, lunch & hot dinner)
  • Donkeys (mules) & Donkey driver (service) to load up our climbing equipment until base camp
  • Full First aid group kid
  • Cook tent, Dinner tent, Toilet tent, table, chairs (available at base camp)
  • Good quality Sleeping Tent (a tent for 3 persons by 2 people).
  • sleeping mats (foam) for every body
  • Full Utensil kitchen by every body
  • Group climbing gear or protective hard ware as (rope, snow pickets, ice screw, stoves and all supplies necessary to make a safe and strong bid for the summit )
  • Full entrance fee ticket or climbing permits ($ 20) per each climber
What doesn’t included in the cost
  • booking bus or flight ticket to transfer from (lima - Huaraz – lima)
  • Booking Ho(s)tel for accommodation in Huaraz
  • Acclimatization program before climbing pisco.
  • Breakfast in the first day and dinner on the last day.
  • Meal and beverages during the stay in Huaraz
  • Extra food in our trip
  • Personal climb equipment
  • Sleeping-bag (-20 ºC)
  • Additional tours.
  • Travel insurance assistance
  • Phone calls, access to internet cabins & others extra expenses
  • Laundry service
  • Personal first aid kid
  • Personal toiletries
  • Additional sleeping pad or thermal rest
  • Tips for the staff
  • Extra expenses no specified in this trip program
we can help you to rent extra equipment not included in the price

  • Climbing boots = USD $
  • harness = USD $
  • crampon = USD $
  • helmet = USD $
Extra service available upon request
  • booking hotel for accommodation in Huaraz
  • booking bus ticket to travel (lima - Huaraz – lima)
  • Additional tours, hikes, climbing expeditions to higher summits.

Trip program Lima – Huaraz – mountains – Huaraz – Lima all included just available on request.


Responsible travel
Responsible travel practice is elemental in our each trip program. When you book one of our adventure pursuits, we will ensure that you practice a responsible & sustainable tourism on wild & remote areas protecting: the fragile ecosystem, tradition of local communities, natural environments and wildlife.

As a responsible travel we try to produce the most minimum impact as possible to the environment on the path where we walk, because we know clearly about the global warning and climate change that is the main reason that we have a responsibility as visitors to minimize the impact with our presence.

Tourism is one of the most important industries in the planet. It option to employs people around worldwide, obviously the Benefits is much more for people who live in developing countries where the income we provide can mean the difference between economic survival and poverty


PROTECTING & CONSERVING: natural mountain-scape, every natural resource, flora & fauna.

RESPECTING: local culture – traditions, religions and built heritage where you visit.

BENEFITTING: with your visit you will generate a job opportunities for local communities.
MINIMISING POLLUTION: taking-out our trash during the trek or climb expeditions all litter is remove to the city for it properly recycled. We use specified spots to put on our toilets tents at the camping areas to don’t pollute the water resource.

Please become part of this practicing a responsible & sustainable travel your challenge is important

Ultimate Value
When you book one of our tours, acclimatization hikes, multi-day treks, & climbing expeditions, you will receive currently information, quality services at the best prices with plenty of inclusions & exclusion cost. This trip offers exceptional value money, ensuring your holiday with affordable rate and guaranteeing with centrally good quality hotels, private transportations, official bilingual guides with international certification (UIMLA), (UIAGM) both organizations are internationally recognized, good varied and fresh food for adventure expeditions, all your national park entrance fees and permits included, no hidden cost, no surprises and no staff exploit.

As a 100% local qualified guides & tour operators our trip prices are based directly on Peruvian economy rates our cost structure is built up cost on cost because we directly manage and run all of our trips, beside promoting the local employ, personal qualified people, providing a job opportunity with that improving their economy and their quality of life and even we encourage hardly the fair wage, because we work very transparent & the most honest possible

Custom Made Itineraries
You should absolutely feel free to build your own trip program according your preference & necessity just only let us know to help with our experience to make an itinerary day a day just for you, giving you complete freedom to choose what you want to see, where you want to go, when you want to do it, How you can enjoy it with better health. Adjust an existing itinerary & ensuring that you develop a responsible and sustainable tourism.

Small Group is good
We are focused organizing for small groups to provide topnotch service in: tours, hikes, multi-day treks & climbing expeditions to live a life time experience for adventure lovers, while your guide & support crew are attentive to ensuring your travels are supportive and full safety.

No Single Supplements
If you are joining in one of our adventure expeditions as a single person, we’ll match you with another traveler of the same gender and you won’t be charged anything extra for the vast majority of our trips. If you however want a guaranteed single occupancy or tent, we can also arrange that for at a small extra charge.

Exploring cordillera blanca
Indubitably cordillera Blanca provides some of the most astonishing landscape in the world, varied tours, acclimatization hikes, multi-day treks & climbing expeditions. This is Peru’s best-known mountain region, only 100km from the Pacific Ocean, we find within this 185 km long from south to north the greatest concentration of tropical zone glaciers on earth and it has 722 glaciers for survival 30 peaks of them are over the 6000m high, crowned by Peru’s highest peak Huascaran (6768m), and the most beautiful peak in the world “Mount Alpamayo” is lies hire as well.

Cordillera Blanca provides gorgeous views of sparkling glaciers, multicolored glacier lakes; turquoise and pristine lagoons & vertical granite rock walls rise thousands of meters into the sky, water falls, and cascades with incredible view, (a number of high passes), green lush valleys, magnificent vistas of summits over 6,000 m, cascading glaciers, wondrous alpine meadows, fragile ecosystems, going explore is really good chance to Enjoy the sptacles of the nature to Click stunning photos.

We Are Ready To Make Your Dream a Reality



  • Climbing Boots: need to be crampon-compatible. For most easy climbs up to over 5000 meters, a lightweight mountaineering boot (B2) is more than adequate.
  • Hiking boots or hiking shoes: These are the boots you will wear to approach to base camp. For example a B0 is advisable.
  • Gaiters: Bring a pair of regular knee high gaiters for bigger routes as 6000 meters mount.
  • Socks: We recommend you bring 2 changes of socks for your hiking shoes and 2 changes for your climbing boots. Many people like to wear a thin liner sock. This can reduce abrasion and blisters
  • Lightweight Synthetic gloves a pair of polar - tec
  • Shell gloves a pair for colder conditions
  • Sun hat: Or baseball cap with bandanna safety pinned to it to keep the sun off your face and neck
  • Warm synthetic or wool hat or otherwise: synthetic is essential
  • Balaclava or Neck gaiters: Wool or synthetic, mid-weight, the neck gaiter is more versatile, and can serve as the ear band.
  • Bandanas or headscarf (optional)
  • Light weight cotton or synthetic pants / trouser: for hiking in the mountains For hiking around camp Shorts are Ok
  • A couple of fast drying base-layer tops (whatever material can be long sleeve is advisable)
  • Wear light/medium - weight trousers that allow the free movement and will dry quickly
  • Fleece jacket & pants or trouser (polar Tec):
  • Climbing pants shell proof with zipper (gore – tex). it’s worth having some kind of light synthetic climbing pant with a hard finish. The slightly stretchy "Schoeller" type fabric is ideal. Patagonia, Mammut, Eider, Millet, Marmot
  • Climbing jackets shell proof ( gore - tex)
  • Dawn jackets is nice or a micro –down jacket are suitable for climbing high summits.
  • Wind proof jacket (optional)

  • Climbing helmet recommended for every climbing peaks for our safety.
  • Harness Adjustable leg loops are recommended, big enough to fit over all your layers of clothing. Bring one with a belay loop
  • Ice axe: For climbing pisco a single standard mountaineering ice axe is adequate, but for chopicalqui you must bring a couple of technical ice axe climbing tools.
  • Crampons antibottes: These are rubber or plastic plates that fit under you crampons to prevent balling up in soft snow. Alpine crampon
  • Carabineers If you are taking a guide then 2 locking, 1 none locking should be plenty.
  • Glacier glasses 100% UV (Julbo Explorer or Nomad)

  • Sleeping bag For high camps on climbs up to about 5200 meters, you'll want a bag rated to about -15°C to -20°C. For higher camps you'll want to go warmer yet.
  • Foam sleeping pad or a therm- a – rest (prolite or Neo Air for a better night sleep), which is the best for more comfort at high camp.
  • 2 liters water bottle. (Nalgene) no camelback because it will freezing during climbing day.
  • Water treatment (chlorine dioxide tablets)(micro pure) (optional)
  • Headlamp or head torch with extra batteries (we recommended all use LED technology) Petzl's or black diamond.
  • Good quality sun cream (Sunscreen) for using around the camp
  • Lip balm
  • insect repellent
  • pocket knife (optional)
  • Pee Bottle (2) 1 Liter wide mouth bottles (Nalgene)(optional)
  • Thermos (optional) 1 Liter capacity stainless steel vacuum bottle
  • Trash bags (4) To line stuff sacks and one large to line pack

  • Hiking steaks or trekking polesare useful a compact 3 section (leki or black diamond they are lither and durable)
  • Duffel bag or ruck sack (around 70 liters) with padlock. These duffels will be tied onto the backs of burros on the way up to Base Camp, so make sure they’re tough.
  • A 40 - 45 liters day packs to carry spare clothing, snack, camera and water to drink during the day walk or climbing day.

  • MP3 players, paperbacks, journal, games or cards, tablets or electronic book
  • Camera
  • Mobile phones

  • Should include: plasters, antiseptic, cream, sterile gauze and bandage, rehydration sachets, zinc oxide tape and anti-inflammatory painkillers such as ibuprofen or aspirin.
    Bring paracetamol, and acetazolamide or Diamox for treating mild symptoms of (AMS).
    Have loperamide is a good idea in case you get the runs
  • Antibiotic such as: ciprofloxacin or Bactrim for bacterial stomach bugs.
  • A small roll of adhesive tape, cough drops.

  • Toilets such us: Toothbrush, small amount of toothpaste, dental floss, contact lens fluids, a small bar of soap, and small hand towel or wash clothes.
  • On most expeditions in base camps we can supply you with a small bowl of warm washing water in the morning and afternoon.
  • A small synthetic hand towel (wash clothes) is useful for taking a sponge bath, toilet paper.

$ 470
per each one, 6 participants (+)

Free holiday planning to adventure lovers.
Let’s go exploring, the most featured experiences.
Disconnect to connect with nature
Encouraging an outstanding guiding experience

PRE-PAYMENT DEPOSIT: 40% of the total price (in USD $) The Balance will be paid in cash at Huaraz 48 hours before the trip departure.



If you are here, you are looking for a lifetime trip: we invite you to explore some of the awesome parts of this Peruvian country. Perfect to experience different outdoor pursuit like, climbing, trekking & mountaineering expeditions, cultural travel, day hikes.
$ 405

Pisco Climbing
03 Days - 02 Nights / Min 1 Pax

$ 1275

Ishinca Valley
07 Days - 06 Nights / Min 1 Pax

$ 1720

Alpamayo Climbing
07 Days - 06 Nights / Min 1 Pax

$ 365

Yanapaccha Climbing
02 Days - 01 Night / Min 1 Pax

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