Read this Agreement carefully.

The terms and conditions set forth in this agreement constitute the entire understanding and agreement between you the trip “Participant” and Peak Explorations By submitting a booking form and signing this agreement, you accept all of the terms in this agreement and direct us to perform services on your behalf. All persons named in this booking (“Participants”) are subject to this agreement. By signing this agreement, you affirm that you have made all other Participants listed in the booking aware of these terms – regardless of how final payment is made – and that all Participants accept these terms.

Deposits and final payment:
A deposit of a specified percentage of the total cost per person is required at the time of booking. Final payment is due on a specific date noted on the trip information page. If your booking is made beyond the balance due date, the entire tour cost must be paid when we confirm the trip with you.

Payment Schedule Booking Form
Policy for Booking an Andes Adventure Holidays conditions is, after checking our cost about each outdoor activity that we show in our web page. Our clients should make a deposit of 30% of the total trek, tour, acclimatization hike & climbing expedition price. The reservation should be strictly with 50 days before going out of the trip. The trip balance of 70% will be paid in cash before starting the Expedition Services in Huaraz, can be a good moment at during your briefing session, a day before of trip departure.

Please note that this deposit is required to book our staff in advance & purchase entrance fee tickets (trek, tour or climbing permits), all subject to availability.

You may reserve space on a tour, trek, or climbing expedition by completing the booking form online and sending the trip deposit. A booking is not final until you receive a final confirmation from us.

It’s necessary & important to send us, following requirements at the booking time:
• in case big group (full name and passport number of the tour leader)
• Prepayment ticket or Boucher from the Bank (scanned and send by mail – no fax)

Example you should fill up the requirements bellow.
• Number of flight, departure date and return
• specific dietary (if someone have)
• experience of every client
• Allergic about any medicine
• insurance assistance of voucher travel (mandatory by every client)

Reservation. You may reserve a space on a tour by completing the booking form online and sending the trip deposit please you should send us the transaction Boucher of the pre-payment (send the transaction Boucher by email & scanned or in picture – avoid sending it by fax), is important at the time that you are going to make transaction you will receive a transaction code, that will figure at the Boucher, that code is very important that we know. As soon as we receive your email with the transaction Boucher confirming your pre-payment including the transaction code, we will approach to the bank with that code to takeout the pre-payment money, as soon as we will pick up with success money from the bank we will send you an email confirming your travel with us, then we will send you files about full trip detail information in PDF & the finally travel information you will receive two weeks before beginning of you trip.

Paying System
After checking our price to visit Peru the passengers or travel companies have to make the wire transactions to Peruvian Bank. The Payments may be made by credit card through our online merchant service, via western union or by moneygram; it’s not included bank commission of the deposit from passenger’s country in our each trip program.

There are 02 ways payment form
0ption 01: when you can do your deposit by money gram or western union (in this way at the time that you make your deposit you will pay a symbolic amount by commission of bank transaction, which is beneficial for you, because you won’t do more expenses.

0ption 02: when you agree to make your deposit in our saving account we will send you our saving account and mane of the bank of Peru, but in this way you are subject to pay commission of bank transaction in your country (we don’t know how much will you pay) more transaction payment of receiving money in our country, which is 35 % more of the real deposit, that is the reason we will add 35 % more in the trip cost that you are subject to pay, Which mean more expenses for you.

Andes Adventure Holidays: is clearly and understandable offering services as professionals and qualified (UIAGM) mountain guides under the legal book conditions, we are not responsible by some accidents, diseases, damages, losses, natural disasters or weather conditions (political climate), additional expenses, client poor fitness, intoxication, terrorism, civil strife, personal, family or medical emergencies or any other irregularities, that can be caused by your own voluntary or your own negligent act or any other circumstances beyond our control.
Please understand, any missed tours or expeditions due to the above listed incidences cannot be refunded or recuperated. No refunds will be provided for any unused portion of a tour once the tour begins, including if you leave a tour for any reason or have to be removed from a tour. The price and duration of a hiking trip will never change once you’re registered. Payments are not refundable for itinerary changes or public land closures. But If a trip destination can be cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control by political climate, mostly happen it in mountain climbing and it is announced in advance, in that circumstances we will offer an option to climbing other safer summit for our safety, with a credit equal to the full amount paid will be issued without increase cost, with same length of the trip.

Note: in mountain climbing the guide will have the last decision to heading up or back depending the weather condition or mountain condition for our own safety, in case the expedition decide to back by circumstance that we write above, No refunds will be provided because the expedition already has begun.

Cancellations of the trip by you and Refunds of Trip Balance:
To cancel your booking, you must submit your request to us in writing by email at info@andesadventureholidays.com. Unless otherwise specified in the trip notes, cancellation fees will be applied per person according to the following general cancellation schedule, based on the date we receive your written and verbal

35 - 25 days from the start of the trip 10% refund of the pre-payment.
23-0 days from the start of the trip the group is subject to fine by canceling after have made reservation previous to the arrival of the group or clients. The cancellation of the trip has a fine with payment of 100% of the trip fee with none any refunds of pre-payment due to the staff reservation in advance (guides, porters, cooks, donkeys drivers, local transportation), buy bus tickets in advance to transfer from lima – Huaraz – lima, booking for accommodation in advance, and office expenses such as: phone calls, internet, commissions, bank transactions, etc.

Changes by You:
If you alter your itinerary such as your pre or post trip hotel stays after we confirm your tour, a change fee will be imposed. The type and scope of change dictates the amount of the change fee. Our outside suppliers, including hotels, often impose additional fees or penalties for changes and cancellations. These are included in the change fee and can be substantial.

Cancellations or Changes by Us and Flexibility:
We reserve the right to cancel, alter or modify any tour without prior notice “for any reason”. You acknowledge that the amenities, accommodations, transportation, route, schedule, and itinerary may change without prior notice due to local circumstances or events, which may include mechanical breakdown, flight cancellations, strikes, political disputes, and other unforeseeable factors. If, prior to departure, we make a significant change by the circumstances that we write above we will notify you as soon as possible to take alternative options.

Price Adjustment:
The quoted trip price is based on current Peruvian economy. rates our cost structure is built up cost on cost because we directly manage and run all of our trips, beside promoting the local employ, personal qualified people, providing a job opportunity with that improving their economy and their quality of life and even we encourage hardly the fair wage, because we work very transparent & the most honest possible.

We strictly offer our service with currently wage to avoid unexpected change for example: increasing rates of trip elected as soon as you arrive to our country notifying the inflation of: costs of fuel, staff, basic supplies , currency exchange rates, government fees the that can affect your economy or can result annoying for you.

As a Peruvian -based adventure travel company, we promote and market all-inclusive tour programs Huaraz to Huaraz (lima to lima just only upon request), we work with various independent suppliers that provide accommodations, transportation, markets to by supplies for the trip and other services connected.

Travel Insurance
the package trip price does not include any travel insurance. All trips with Andes Adventure Holidays require that you have travel insurance. For your protection, we strongly recommend the purchase of travel insurance. Travel insurance provides you with trip cancellation or interruption, travel delay, medical expenses, emergency assistance, rescue, repatriation and baggage delay coverage to protect your financial investment. You have until the final balance due date for the trip to provide proof of your travel insurance. You must send a proof of your travel insurance to info@andesadventureholidays.com



If you are here, you are looking for a lifetime trip: we invite you to explore some of the awesome parts of this Peruvian country. Perfect to experience different outdoor pursuit like, climbing, trekking & mountaineering expeditions, cultural travel, day hikes.
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Pisco Climbing
03 Days - 02 Nights / Min 1 Pax

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Ishinca Valley
07 Days - 06 Nights / Min 1 Pax

$ 1720

Alpamayo Climbing
07 Days - 06 Nights / Min 1 Pax

$ 365

Yanapaccha Climbing
02 Days - 01 Night / Min 1 Pax

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